Воспаленија и болки

• 35% of patients reported severe pain (8 to 10).
• 65% said that their health is very poor, weak and good.
• 65% had already received pain therapy, 11% of them treated, and
• 57% partially.
• 47% of patients stated that the pain affected sleep, and half of them
could not sleep at all from pain.
• In 72.5%, the pain caused discomfort and 15% depression.
• 50% of patients were limited in performing daily activities due to
pain, and 42.5% partially limited (only 7.5% had no influence), 30% said
that this health condition had a great impact on their social life.
• The analysis after application of bioinformatical solutions locally at the site of pain and
inflammation showed a decrease in pain by 51.37% after 3 minutes
after application

inflammation and pain



Treated with bioinformatical solution inflammation and pain

level of pain

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