An ideal combination of cellular instructions for increased cellular nutrition and faster recovery. It is applied externally to the body 30 to 40 minutes before physical activity and provides: better performance, elevated energy level, increased physical strength, increased durability, reduced recovery time. Increases lung capacity, improves circulation of all organs, reduces heart rate during physical activity, increases metabolic processes in the body that produces energy for the body, reduces oxidative stress, and corrects damaged cells.

In 20 active athletes an externally applied bioinformatics
preparation was applied to improve the general condition. The following results have been obtained:

  • The decrease in fatigue 30 minutes after application for 40%
  • Increased energy level by an average of 51%
  • Increased physical endurance by 48%
  • Increased mental endurance by 54%
  • Easier breathing for 55%
  • Improved recovery period by 46.6%
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