Center for Bioinformatics is a private institution for complementary and alternative medicine licensed by the Ministry of Health with decision number 17-1028/1. We are located in the rich greenery of Sredno Vodno, 5 kilometers away from the city bustle.
Our company consists of several people who work tirelessly on the improvement of your health with Tatjana Ilijevska and Kristijan Davidovski heading the team of experts in the field of Applied Bioinformatics.


In the premises of our institution, we perform diagnostic examinations that can establish the functional condition of all organs. We measure the cell membrane action potential and through these values, we can indirectly determine the function of the organs.

Bioinformatical therapy

According to the obtained diagnostic parameters, there is a possibility to make a specific complex of algorithms and software instructions written in the intercellular programming language that gives instructions to the cells to restore their normal function or, if necessary, to activate the regeneration process in a specific organ. As a medium-information carrier, we use a different kind of media as tin, olive oil, and vegetable oil, gel, sound signal, video signal, audio signal.

Bioinformatical complexes

Bioinformatics complexes are pre-prepared ready solutions for treating certain pathological conditions.

They can be in the form of microprocessors that are attached to the skin and they constantly inform the cells how to function normally. The other type is a bioinformatics complex – a combination of olive oil and vegetable oil that have embedded software instructions in their structure for correction of the body’s specific imbalance.  The third type is a structured gel that is applied externally, often with the purpose of correcting problems related to the skin function and restores the cells normal function by means of different action mechanisms.