Why Center for Bioinformatics?


We live in a fast-growing society that demands more commitment, concentration, and energy on a daily basis. Fatigue, mood swings, depression, no sports activities, irregular eating habits are all consequences of the modern lifestyle we have. The physiological process of aging, polluted environment and continuous stress can lead to low functioning of the cells and can further deteriorate our health.

What each of us needs in order to maintain such a lifestyle?


We need prevention, restoring the normal function of our cells and regeneration. That will give us creativity, youthfulness, enthusiasm for work and social life, spending time with friends, having energy for sport and good health. All this means better quality of life.

Applied Bioinformatics


The human body can be explained as a perfect computer composed of hardware and software. Understanding the intercellular program language gives us an opportunity for producing specific software instruction in order to restore the normal function of the cell, and even more importantly, to achieve regeneration in general.

Invest in yourself and in your health.


Yours Sincerely,
The team of Center for Bioinformatics


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