Why Center for Bioinformatics?

Живееме во брзо растечко општество кое на дневно ниво бара се повеќе залагање, концентрација и енергија од наша страна. Умор, нерасположение, депресија, откажување од спорт поради немање време и сила, нередовна исхрана се веќе последица од ваквиот модерен начин на живот.

The very physiological process of aging, polluted environment, continuous stress leads to weaker cell function and further worsens our health.

What do we all need in this way of life?

Prevention, return of cells to normal function, and regeneration. It means youth, it means a desire for socializing, for creativity, it means enthusiasm for work, strength for sports, and health. That means a better quality of life.

Applied Bioinformatics

The human body is a perfect computer, made up of hardware and software. Knowing the intercellular programming language gives our team the opportunity to return cells to their normal function with specific software instructions and, more importantly, to achieve regeneration.

Invest in yourself and your health.

With respect,
The team of Center for Bioinformatics